About Us

Kalle (/kel/) - Pronounced "kel" - Rhymes with bell - Silent "e"

Years ago we realised, it wasn't easy to find high-quality, everyday underwear for women. Lingerie was abundant, as were cheaper basics that started to fall apart after six months.

We wanted to make something that we needed ourselves. A pair of underwear that was high-quality, long-lasting and exceptionally comfortable. Something you could wear everyday yet still beautiful enough to want to show off. Style and comfort need not be mutually exclusive.

Each pair of Kalle Underwear is made in Melbourne, Australia and our maker is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. Many of our customers say they are the most comfortable pair of underwear they've ever worn. Underwear that you can lounge around at home in, relax in the garden in, go to the theatre in and feel beautiful in.